Arete (Remastered) Limited Ed.

LP - Released 10/11/2023 | Vinyl & CD SOLD OUT

Arete (Remastered) Limited Ed.

Arete Limited Ed. was only available in a limited quantity for a limited amount of time and has since sold out. The limited edition was very similar to the currently available “Arete (Remastered) LP.” The limited edition came with commemorative artwork with picture of model Tes Jordan as it was on “The Isolation Sessions” & themed with a Ghost Blue Grey color the release was only available on both Black Vinyl, Picture Disc Vinyl, & CD. 

Differences between the Remastered Limited Ed. and Remastered Release.


Both were offered on Vinyl however due to limitations of Vinyl one track had to be omitted. For the Limited Ed. “Envy (Suicided MIX 1 VIP)” was omitted in favor of “Isolation Heroin Hotel (Limits Exceeded Mix).” On the Standard Remastered Release “Isolation Heroin Hotel (Limits Exceeded Mix)” is switched out for “Envy (Suicided MIX 1 VIP).”

The Splitting up of Adept

On the physical copies (CD & Vinyl) of both the limited edition & standard edition “Adept (Remastered)” is as it was on the EP it originated from, with the Orchestral intro. For the Digital Download version and on all streaming platforms the intro was stripped from the full track making the orchestral intro a track by itself simply entitled “Intro.” This was done due to complaints from fans of the track not wanting to advance forward the long and droning intro. Adept now starts when the drums and bass come in, but only on streaming & digital download as it was a last minute decision before date of release.